When will my order ship?

Processing time is 3-5 business days (Monday through Friday) although most orders will ship sooner! Once you receive confirmation that your order has shipped, please be patient. USPS continues to experience unprecedented delays in deliveries and this is outside of Sassy Beans's control. Any wait for your new items will be worth it!

I have sensitive ears or a metal allergy; can I wear Sassy Beans earrings?

YES! (Usually.) Sassy Beans has taken great care to make sure the safest metals are used in the production of Sassy Beans earrings.

Most people who have sensitivities to certain metals in earrings are allergic to nickel; this is why products containing nickel will never be used by Sassy Beans. All earring hooks and posts are ALWAYS nickel free. 

Who makes Sassy Beans products?

All Sassy Beans products are created by hand by Anna Onosko in her studio in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. For clay earrings, this means she does everything to bring the clay from a raw lump to the finished beauties you hang on your ears! When elements of earrings or other products are not made by hand this will be noted in the description. A few examples are metal charms added to clay earrings that may have been sourced elsewhere. 

Can I make returns?

Since Sassy Beans is a small business owned by one woman, it is not possible to accept returns at this time. However, if products arrive damaged or there are quality concerns, PLEASE contact Anna immediately via email (anna@sassybeansshop.com) and a resolution will be offered. This may be a replacement product, a refund, or something different dependent on the situation.