About the Artist

The Artist

 Anna Onosko has been creating and doing so messily since before she could talk. Born into a family of creatives, Anna's mother is an author and her maternal grandmother and great-grandmother are visual artists. Creativity was nurtured in Anna from a young age, when her parents graciously overlooked her many ongoing "projects."   After considering a career in visual arts, Anna ultimately chose to pursue social work and worked in the human services and social work fields for a combined six years.
Sassy Beans originated as a side project ran out of Anna's dorm room during college selling hand cut faux leather earrings to friends and classmates. This was put on the back burner after college until the summer of 2020 when her then boyfriend, now husband, suggested she start making earrings again. What was supposed to be a brief hiatus from her social work job in the fall of 2020 quickly morphed into a full time venture creating earrings and selling on Etsy and at local markets. Sassy Beans, LLC was officially launched on October 20, 2021. Sassy Beans moved from Anna's home studio to a studio in the Riverwest neighborhood of Milwaukee in March 2022.
Anna is inspired by nature scenes, the particular shades of color the leaves turn during Midwest falls, turquoise gemstones, tropical plants, uniquely colored flowers, and terracotta pots. She hopes that Sassy Beans items can bring a little extra beauty and wonder into your life. 


The Muse

Cleopatra "Cleo" Onosko is a 12 year old Scottish fold with an extra thumb on each paw. A self-proclaimed cat skeptic, Anna was instantly won over upon meeting Cleo and they are now inseparable. Cleo enjoys spending her days hissing at her siblings, napping, maintaining her perfect white fur, and supervising Anna's work from her favorite cube in the studio. Cleo seems to believe she is royalty and thus approves of the use of herself wearing a flower crown as the Sassy Beans logo.